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Naya11 is now gamethon

We don’t care what it costs, we care what its worth to you

Gamethon brings together – online games, football fantasy and fantasy cricket all in one app. Earn more from one app. Gamethon gives more meaning to your online gaming time, with more option to earn online playing games.

New UI

Well done is better than well said.

Play with the whole new UI experience with updated app Gamethon. With the addition of Gamethon, you not only get more games but a complete new and pleasent app usage, better navigation to leaderboards, Meaningfull transaction reporting, more features and with that comes more earning.

Create Good team easily with X-factor

when you are looking for a fantasy team generator then you are at the right place. Create fantasy team for today match easily on Gamethon. Gamethon uses analytics and mathematics to generate an X-Factor for each player. The X-Factor considers the previous performances of the player. Use this X-Factor to choose the player. You Can also view the players last 5 performances and scores to make your selection. Although our mathematics cannot guarantee a perfect team, but can serve as a guide. The actual decision depends upon many other factors and the players actual performance in the match.

Group Contest

The strength of the team is each member and the strength of each member is the team

Key Highlights of naya11 group contest

  • Risk is divided and your strength is in your friend's team also.
  • Play as a group with your friend against a team.
  • Divide the entry fees and share the winnings.
  • Pay entry fees for the group. Collect entry fee share from friend and share the group joining code.
  • The Group points are considered for final Ranking.
  • Contest does not cancel if there are only 1 member in the group.

Schemes and Leaderboards

Cash Backs Contests

  • Join with 20 teams and get 50% fees of the 20th Team back
  • Play atleast 1 contest of all matches of the day and get 5% of the fees paid back to your wallet.

Free Contest

  • Play any contest 100 times in a month and play the 101th contest free.
  • Played count reset at the start of the month.


  • Get points for various activities playing fantasy cricket to get ranked and win money.
  • Get points for various activities playing fantasy Football to get ranked and win money.
  • Get points for various activities playing online games to get ranked and win money.

Special Reward

Every time you win, company adds a 3% to your winning amount. The money is safe with us. It gets credited after the scheme end, so that you get a whole lot of money at one time. Spend it wisely.

Refer Reward

You can make money easily without playing. Just share your refer code to your friend and invite him to join. You get 3% of his winnings, every time he wins. Amount credited at the end of the scheme.