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Naya11 Leaderboard Contest

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Terms and Conditions:
  • Leaderboard Contest is for all matches between the perid starting from 19TH Sep to 15Th Oct. Non IPL matches also eligible for the contest.

  • All registered users are eligible to enter the contest.

  • All paid contests are eligible for Leaderbroard contest.

  • Free contest are not considered for the leaderboard contests

  • If people fall in same rank then rank clash rule will be applied.

  • Taxes will be applicable & deducted as per the Income Tax Act of the Government

  • Scheme is valid only for contests which do not get cancelled. If a Match is Cancelled or abandoned or the Contest is Cancelled then the points will not be considered.

  • Leaderboard Winnings will be added to the winner’s respective Winning balance in wallet within 48 hours of leaderboard completion.

  • Scheme is valid for contests with fees above Rs. 10/-.

  • Points will be updated the next day.

  • Will the points be updated in real time?

  • No, the points will be updated the next day. Example: all action you do today, the points for it will be updated the next day.

  • If I join the league with 10 teams, higher team points are added or all team points?

  • All team points are added.

  • Is the Leaderboard contest for IPL matches only or all matches

  • The contest is for all matches till 15th Oct and not for IPL matches only.

  • Are points for every day added to previous day points?

  • Yes each day's points are added to the previous day's points. total points finally at the end of 15th Oct will be considered for final ranking and prize distribution.

  • If I create 10 teams and join 2 contest with 10 teams each, will I get points for 10 teams or 20 teams?

  • You will get points for 20 teams.

  • How Refer points get calculated?

  • When your friend joins using your refer code and he joins a contest, you get refer point.

  • My referred friend played 4 contests in a day, how much points will I get?

  • You will get 100 points for that day.

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