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Naya11 Leaderboard Contest

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Naya11 LeaderBoard Contest

  • Leaderboard Contest during World Cup

  • Leaderboard Contest applicable for World Cup Matches only.

  • Scheme Valid till 14th Nov. 2021 till the World Cup ends

Points System:
  • 200% of every cash deposited will be converted to points. If you deposit Rs. 1000/- You will have earned 2000 points

  • 200% of the win amount will be converted to points for this scheme. If you have won a total of Rs. 100000/- by playing contests, then you will get 200000 points

  • Every Match joined will give you 100 points

  • Referred User Play Points Every day your referred user plays you get 100 points. Invite your friends to join with your code, every time your friends play, you get 100 points. Example : if you have 25 friends who playe one or more paid contests, you get 25*100 = 2500 points for that day. If they play again the next day, you get points again. You can grow your points by inviting friends too.

  • 50% of the fees of every paid contest joined will be converted as points. Example : If you join a contest with 5 teams and fees of the contest is 100/- Then total points earned is 5*100*50% = 250.

  • Team Points - The total points scored by a user’s team will be added to the leaderboard points. More teams you join with more the points. So join each contest with multiple teams to improve your rank. Play more contest. Example: If you join a contest with 20 teams, then total points of all the 20 teams will be added to leaderboard.

Strategy for Improving Ranks
  • Play all World Cup Matches : Leaderboard Contest is for all World Cup matches between the period starting from 24TH Oct to 14Th Nov.

  • Join With 20 Teams : Play Matches where max teams allowed is 20. Since points for each team is counted. Even if you lose you are in the race of Rs 1 Lac

  • Invite Friends : Each day your friends play a paid contest, you get 100 points for that day. if you have 100 friends joined and they play every day, you get 10000 points daily.

  • Play Big Ticket : Winning amount gives you points. Bigger the win amount more the points

  • Add Cash : Adding cash not ony gives you extra points but also gives you extra wallet cash + Bonus

  • Play More Contest : Each contest gives you points. So play more contest to increase points.

  • More contest multiple teams : You get points for joining fees. MOre you join more points you get.

🔥Assan tarika 🔥
    🤑 Baad may mat bolna 1lakh kamaneki asan scheme thi.🤑
    ⚡Ye karo ⚡
    1️⃣ Small ticket may sare khelo 5/-, 11/- , 15/- and 27/- max teams se khelo her contest.
    🔘 her team ke points milenge. 😎 15000 -20000 points yaha khich skte her match 💥Jete hue paise agli match may fir se lagao.💥
    2️⃣ Mini pool:
    25/- 40/- 50/- wali mini pool join with max teams. 🔘 Waha se bhi points add honge 💥Jeet ke points and team ke points💥
    3️⃣ Head to head battle:
    💥Jeet ke points and team ke points💥
    4️⃣ Her team ke points add hote hai. 🔘 Her team ke point milake 40000 points milenge per match. Jyada match khelke roz ke points badhake top pe rahenge.
    5️⃣ Refer Points:Aona Refer code Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram pe share karo.
    👥👥 Her invite friend jab jab match jhelega us din ka 100 points add honge. Agar 100 friends bhi join karte hai and roz khete hai toh 10000 points roz ka add hota jaayega, bina kuch kiya.
    👍👍 Download karo abhi and khelo
    💸💸Aasaani se apni ranking banao and jeetne ke paise toh hai hi💸💸

Terms and Conditions:
  • Leaderboard Contest is for all World Cup Matches between the period starting from 24TH Oct to 14Th Nov.

  • All registered users are eligible to enter the contest.

  • All paid contests are eligible for Leaderbroard contest.

  • Free contest are not considered for the leaderboard contests

  • If people fall in same rank then rank clash rule will be applied.

  • Taxes will be applicable & deducted as per the Income Tax Act of the Government

  • Scheme is valid only for contests which do not get cancelled. If a Match is Cancelled or abandoned or the Contest is Cancelled then the points will not be considered.

  • Leaderboard Winnings will be added to the winner’s respective Winning balance in wallet within 48 hours of leaderboard completion.

  • Scheme is valid for contests with fees above Re. 1/-.

  • Points will be updated the next day.

  • Will the points be updated in real time?

  • No, the points will be updated the next day. Example: all action you do today, the points for it will be updated the next day.

  • If I join the league with 10 teams, higher team points are added or all team points?

  • All team points are added.

  • Is the Leaderboard contest for World Cup matches only or all matches

  • The contest is for all world Cup matches only till 14th Nov only.

  • Are points for every day added to previous day points?

  • Yes each day's points are added to the previous day's points. total points finally at the end of 15th Oct will be considered for final ranking and prize distribution.

  • If I create 10 teams and join 2 contest with 10 teams each, will I get points for 10 teams or 20 teams?

  • You will get points for 20 teams.

  • How Refer points get calculated?

  • When your friend joins using your refer code and he joins a contest, you get refer point.

  • My referred friend played 4 contests in a day, how much points will I get?

  • You will get 100 points for that day.

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