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Dreem11 | Naya 11 Prediction | Fantasy Team Prediction

Fantasy Team Prediction and Tips

Use Your dream 11 Prediction for form team on naya11:

Dream 11 Prediction means your dream team which you think will win you money. Naya11 is a sports fantasy premier league platform where people can create teams on the basis of their sports knowledge and win a real amount of money by joining contests. The purpose of this article to provide you guidance about how you can gather enough information about the match before making your dreem11 team on naya11, which can win you money. Welcome to naya11 we will provide you some quality stuff about fantasy sports.

Make Your dream 11 Prediction for form team on naya11: Match Analysis

Most of the people in India are aware of cricket. Cricket is famous in India more than any other sports like Hockey, Basketball, Football, etc. You will be able to create a fantasy team of yours. For that, you need to select 11 players which you think are going to perform well in the upcoming match. It's important that you start some digging and get information about the players you are going to choose. There are many websites which will help you finding information about that like,, etc.

The second most important thing after getting information about the players is to analyze how the pitch will play. Many websites provide a good analysis of the ground by offering stats of it, which could be very useful to understand how the surface is going to play. Like sometimes a surface seems to be batting friendly and sometimes it seems to favor bowlers. It will help you to choose the number of batsmen and bowlers which you think going to perform well in the upcoming match.

Make Your dream 11 Prediction for form team on naya11: Joining Contests

The final thing after gathering information about players and ground is to join contests so that you can earn some real cash. You are going to see many contests in the fantasy premier league app naya11. We would advise you to join the competition according to your budget because we believe that investment is a subject of risk, so you can invest the amount you can afford to lose. You can choose Mega Contest on Naya11 which has dynamic prize pool or infinite prize pool, where the prize pool increases as the players join. Also start joining small contests like head 2 head, 2-3 member leagues. Joining multiple contest may increase your chances of winning. After getting familiar with the leagues and contest you can start investing more according to your budget.

We hope that the details shared above are helpful and enough to clear your doubts about how to make your dream 11 prediction. Download the naya11 app to start playing fantasy premier league.

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Fantasy Team Prediction