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How to win at Fantasy Cricket App with no Investment

How to win at Fantasy Cricket App with no investment ?

Naya 11 is a fantasy cricket app which has online contest for cricket matches. It has contest throughout the year as it covers all major T20, ODI, International Test Series, Aisa cup, Indian Premier leagues, Big bash leagues, Pakistan Super League, Bangladesh Super League, European league, T10 for mens and womens. Thus Naya11 provides contest for matches throughout the year, thus an earning opportunity daily by making teams on Naya11.

Today I will be telling about how to win money at Naya11 without investment.

How to win at Naya11 Fantasy Cricket App without investment?

India Srilanka series

Yes you heard it right, you can win money at Naya11 without any investment. But this is available only during the India Srilanka Series for 3 ODIs and 3 T20s which is starting on 18TH July 2021.

All you have to do is :

  • Download the Naya11 Fantasy Cricket app from the website
  • Register in the app
  • Once you register, you get  Rs.10/- as joining Bonus. You can use this joining Bonus to start playing.
  • Click on the India Srilanka Match.
  •  Scroll down to the Beginners Category.
  • Choose the 100% bonus Contest.
  • Make your team and Join this contest.
  • Only Limited seats available.
  • Thus you have joined with no investment.

Fantasy Cricket Contests

About 100% Bonus contest.

  • This contest has limited participants.
  • This is guaranteed contest so even if less participants join the winning amount is still distributed.
  • Remember Real people get top ranks at Naya11.
  • You can join with only 1 team. So get your best team on board.
  • While joining it uses you bonus amount.

How to grow your winning amount

  • This contest offers prizes up to 4960 ranks.
  • If your rank falls between 4960 you can get a winning amount.
  • The lowest rank also gets Re 1/-.
  • If you have won Rs. 3/- or less, you can use this Re 1/- to join another contest in the beginner category, with multiple teams
  • If you have won Rs. 5/- or more, you can join more contests using that winning amount with multiple teams.

You can win more on Naya11 by participating in multiple contest at a time. It is wise decision to distribute your investment across multiple contests. Naya11 has contest categories distributed such that it gives an opportunity to maximize the winning chances.

How to win more at Naya11 ?

If you have a best team and want to win larger amounts, you can add funds and participate in multiple contest at Naya11 with multiple teams. Below are the must play categories at Naya11.

  • Play the Bottom Rank Contest. Here prizes are given to bottom ranks also.
  • Play the Economical Contest Category, where you pay less and win more.
  • Play the High Win Percentage Contest. Here Prizes are given to 87% winners, hence a good chance of winning.
  • Play the Maha Contest. Big win amount where the player pool size is also large.

Participate in the above Contest categories simultaneously so as to maximize your winning chances.

Additionally you can decide participating in other contest categories like head to head, Battle among  3, Battleground to play in smaller pools.

Start making the most of this India Srilanka Series, playing at Naya11 the Best Fantasy cricket App. Download the Naya11 Android app from

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Play Fantasy Cricket on Naya11 and Win Real Money!

Naya11 hosts Contests for Tests, T20, ODI and Major Leagues across the world.

Why Choose Naya11 Fantasy Cricket App?

You might be thinking that there will be several other apps that offer the same services, right? But why should you choose the Naya11 Fantasy Cricket App? Let's find that out.

Dynamic Prize Pool - No bots playing.

More prizes per rank. Better return on investment.

Various contest Categories to maximize winnings.

Few categories have winner percentage upto 87%.

Few categories have contests where bottom ranks are also rewarded.

Fastest Redeem process - Redeem Winnings within minutes.

Redeem large amounts.

Most important Real People get top ranks.

Naya11 Fantasy Cricket App is the best app in India with high win percentage, fastest redeem, safe and secure and different categories for maximizing winnings..

So, what are you waiting for? Start playing on Naya11 Fantasy Cricket App, and you can win exciting rewards and cash prizes from now! You can opt for Naya11 apk download or visit their website and play and win all year round