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Real people win 1st Prize

Because We Work on Platform Fees, there is always real people winning the 1st Rank and it could be you

Fastest Redeem Process

Redeem Winnings instantly to your Bank Account which is processed instantly & credited within hrs

Legal and Safe

Skill Based Gaming format where payments are processed through our Partner Payment Gateway

Naya11 has Dynamic Prize Pool, gives you the benefit of increasing Prize Money. Naya11 has Contest Categories best to maximise winning opportunities.

  • Ulta Hisaab Contest

    Ulta Hisaab is contest category where the prize money is given to people ranked from bottom also along with top ranked players.

  • Sub Ko Milega Contest

    87% people are winners and take away the winning prize pool.

  • Economical Contest

    Econmical contest category ~ In small fees you can win large money.

  • Maha Contest - Win Big

    Maha Contest where the prize money is large

Fantasy Premier League
  • Battleground Contest

    Play in pool of 1000 people. Low competition high chances to win.

  • Deewana Mastaana Contest

    Two player Head to Head contest where only One is the winner.

  • 3 Mustaane Contest

    Battle between 3 people and top 2 ranks take away the winning prize.

  • Bada Khelo Bada Jeeto Contest

    High Joining fees and high prize pool. Play Big Win Big.